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My argument is that there are hundreds of celebrities who claim that they have written books, but in fact did not do so by themselves. They had writers and or editors who sat with them for hundreds of hours, and assisted them in producing a finished product. Over the years, I have seen poor college writers who were never able to construct efficient term papers, since they were never taught the intricacies  of the writing process. Today, they are thousands of students who will never be able to acquire writing skills overnight. This is where I come to the rescue. However, I will not write your paper from "scratch", but I will guide you through the "writing process".

Dr. Cecil Scott


As an Associate Professor, he taught Reading and English courses at Broward College in Davie, Florida for  17 years. He has been teaching as an Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida for 13 years, preparing teachers to teach all subjects K-12. His students at Nova, complete 70 page theses on improving public school reading comprehension. Prior to working as a college professor, he taught first, third, sixth, seventh, eighth, and tenth grade with Broward County Schools. He also taught for Boston Public Schools, teaching first, seventh and eighth grades. As long as you bring initial information to the "table," Dr. Scott will assist you in completing an acceptable college paper.

His Educational Background


Dr. Scott has an extensive educational background. He has a Bachelors in Liberal Studies, (Barry University) with a major in Social Welfare/Social Work, a Masters of Science in Elementary Education (Barry University), and a Doctorate in Education, Child and Youth Studies, Birth to 18 years, (Nova Southeastern University). His specialization was Curriculum Development and Systemic Change (Wrote a Curriculum). He is proud to have written and edited his dissertation without the help of a professional editor. The title of Dr. Scott's dissertation was, "Reducing Fighting and Bullying Among Second and Third Grade Students Through Instruction in Peace Education."


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